Welcome to Holiday Home “de Jonge Specht” in Winterberg-Siedlinghausen

Our holiday home is on the edge of the Nice village Siedlinghausen in the Sauerland, at approx. 8 km from Winterberg. It is on the edge of the forest with views over Siedlinghausen and Provides the tranquility you expect in this beautiful setting. The House Is along a small road where only residents are driving, so No fuss with car traffic. In the immediate vicinity of the house are All facilities available so there is not for anything by car Need to be left. A few minutes ‘ walk away you will find a Bakery, small supermarket, some restaurants and a cosy centre With several shops. At the edge of the village is a larger Supermarket. For the sporting people there are several walking tours, Bike and mountain bike tours that start right behind the house. For Some extra information you can always ask us and we can advise you What a nice route is. Also within walking distance are an indoor and Outdoor swimming pool and tennis court available. A fun playground for the Smaller children are only a few minutes walk away in the village. In short: The village has plenty of possibilities to have a nice holiday to enjoy.

The house has recently been refurbished. In particular, the three broad Bedrooms Two bedrooms, each with a double bed and one Bedroom with two bunk beds; Ensure that the house is extremely is suitable for a family with children or for possibly. Two families with Children. The bedroom with bunk beds also has a TV with Nintendo and PC with Internet connection. For the little ones, there is A crib that can be set up when needed. The House has two spacious and luxurious bathrooms, both with a Shower, washbasin and WC. One bathroom features a luxury Relax shower. The house has a spacious living room with TV with Satellite dish and DVD player with single DVDs. There is a spacious Dining room where you can enjoy a nice meal. The kitchen is of all Conveniences (dishwasher, combi microwave, induction cooker and Spacious refrigerator). In the hallway to the spacious backyard is A laundry room with a washing machine and dryer and freezer. Here Shoes, ski boots and skis can also be stored. In the Backyard is a nice seat created where with nice weather nice outdoor can be seated. For children, both inside and Outdoor toys are available. For when there is snow, there are a sled and Dish that can be used.


Where does the name of the house come from? That’s a short story with a What a pathetic outcome. Yet we want to share it with you. On the evening that We went to see the house and what milling about in the area we saw Move in the woods. This turned out to be a young woodpecker Probably dropped out of the nest or had been pushed out. He was pathetic To it Twitter and flutter around. He was not going to take him. The Next day our daughter wanted to see if he was still there. We are on The same place will look with not a lot of hope.  There he proved To be retired midst between the tree roots and died there. Our Daughter then picked some flowers and deposited with him. From That moment the house had the name “the Young Woodpecker”.

About Us:

We are a family that consists of: Roland, Susanne and Britt den Hollander. We hope to find a nice holiday home with this House Which we also want to let others enjoy. Every time we The Sauerland, we amaze ourselves again over the beautiful surroundings.