Getting to and from Winterberg-Siedlinghausen

Winterberg is the closest winter sports area for many Dutch people who can guarantee snow thanks to snow cannons. In the winter months, many Dutch people are also attracting the village to try out the long slats. Most tourists come to Winterberg by car, but also alternative possibilities such as by bus and train are becoming more popular. The travel time to Winterberg depends very much on the type of transport you have chosen or from where you depart from the Netherlands. Once you arrive in Winterberg you can easily park your car at your hotel or other accommodation in most cases. Winterberg is not large and can be explored quite easily on foot. There are several trains and bus services to the various surrounding villages and attractions from Winterberg.

By car to Winterberg

Since Winterberg is only about two hours drive from the Dutch border, most Dutch people go to the village by car. The journey leads through the Ruhr area. This can sometimes cause major delays. If possible, try to avoid the rush hour around Essen, Duisburg and Dortmund, as this can prolong your travel time by a few hours. The majority of the drive to Winterberg is about highways. Just past Dortmund you take the exit towards Winterberg. Next, the roads are a lot narrower and hillier. This road can be very busy especially during the holiday period. If you go to Germany by car, please note that in Germany winter tyres are obligatory in winter conditions. Those who do not have winter tyres under his car can count on a fine. Winterberg has no umweltzone, so a German environmental sticker is not needed in this part of Germany.

Travel in Winterberg

Winterberg is only a small village, so most of the distances are well on foot, but those who prefer not to walk too much can take the bus or a taxi in Winterberg. Most tourists drive to the ski piste and back, but you can of course use one of the taxi companies in and around Winterberg. If you pay the tourist tax in Winterberg you will be eligible for the free Sauerland map. This card gives you, in addition to a discount on many attractions and sports activities, free bus and train transport in the vicinity of Winterberg.

Bus Trips

Several bus companies bus trips are offered between the Netherlands and Winterberg in particular during the winter period. This is in many cases the cheapest way to travel to Winterberg. You can already book a return ticket for less than twenty-five euros. In most cases it is a day or a weekend return. You step into one of the larger cities in the Netherlands and then leave for Winterberg. The bus trip will take place somewhere between three and six hours depending on your step-up. If you choose to do a day trip to Winterberg, however, you should get up early, as the bus in some places already leaves at 03:00. The passengers who get up near the German border can still stay for a few hours. On day trips the bus leaves from Winterberg in many cases again at 18:00 towards the Netherlands. Other airlines drive at night so you can still enjoy the après ski in Winterberg.

By train

A lesser known way to travel to Winterberg is by train. The journey time depends on the different connections and how long the transfer times are. For a train trip from Utrecht to Winterberg, you have to count on a journey time between four and six hours. At best you step twice and in the worst case four times. On the outward journey you take the international train to Duisburg and once in Duisburg you will get on the train to Dortmund to switch back on the train to Winterberg. In other cases you also have to change to Münster and Enschede. The costs for a train trip to Winterberg are on the high side. For a single trip you have lost somewhere between sixty and eighty euros.

Fly to Winterberg

An unusual way to travel to Winterberg is by plane. Although it is unusual, it can be. The easiest way to fly from the Netherlands to Winterberg is to fly from Amsterdam, Schiphol at Frankfurt International Airport. The flight time between these two airports will amount to approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The cost of a return flight varies considerably per company, but you can already book a return ticket for just under 200 euros. However, you still have to go from the airport for about one hundred and fifty kilometers to Winterberg. With a rental car this trip will take approximately two hours. By bus or train, these travel times are slightly longer.

Parking in Winterberg

In Winterberg there are plenty of large and small parking lots to be found. On some of these parking lots you have to pay and on others you have to use a parking disk. The paid parking spaces can be recognized by the presence of the Parkscheinbord.